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Fifth Sussex geek dinner

I chose a particularly poor night for this geek dinner, as many previous diners were unavailable. We had three new geeks join us for the first time tonight, two of which I hadn't met. I met Tom Morris at the London geek dinner last week and invited him along, and Matthew Taylor and Clive Walker had emailed me out of the blue.

We went to Zizzi in Haywards Heath, which although the food was good, it was easy to get to, and the surroundings were very nice, it wasn't as suitable for a geek dinner as the Highlands was. The music was just loud enough to make hearing people tricky at times. The London geek dinners now have a buffet, which makes talking to people a lot easier (although the ham rolls don't even begin to compare to my delicious crayfish salad). Because of where I sat, I didn't get to talk to Sven, Matt or Clive as much as I would have liked. [Attendees: please leave a comment on whether you would prefer a buffet in future.]

Topics of conversation: some of our Mums are getting quite computer literate, using, gmail, Thunderbird and Firefox (very very frightening me. Galileo..) etc; Blogging style is affected by blogging tool; wooden aeroplanes; VB.NET training course; new jobs; taking the leap into contracting; how hard it is changing blog platforms.

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9 May 2006