Simon Harriyott

Send To

I use the "Send To" Explorer shortcuts regularly. I added to this a couple of directory shortcuts to common locations, such as my shared folder on the network, and our released development assemblies folder.

I always resent the hassle of actually navigating to the Send To folder to add a directory shortcut, so I rarely do so, unless I know that the directory will be used daily for a long time. Until today.

I cunningly added a "Send To" shortcut to "Send To". Now I can create a shortcut wherever I like, and send it to "Send to" by sending it to "Send To" from the "Send To" menu (right-click -> "Send To" -> "Send To").

The thing is, I can't be bothered to navigate to the "Send To" folder to delete unwanted shortcuts when I've finished with them.
1 December 2005