Simon Harriyott

What the build machine actually does

I've written about the build machine quite a lot, without mentioning exactly what it does. So here's the list:

  1. Creates an "is running" file to use as a marker - this is checked at the end.
  2. Overwrites the CSS file used by the HTML results page to show blue (to indicate running).
  3. Removes all files generated by the last build.
  4. Creates source and target directories.
  5. Gets the latest version of all source code, XML schemas, database scripts and test data into the source directory.
  6. Compiles all the .csproj projects found anywhere under the source directory.
  7. Copies the compiled assemblies to the target directory.
  8. Copies the resource assemblies for the menu generator to the target directory.
  9. Restarts the databases on the build machine and demo server.
  10. Deletes the existing databases.
  11. Runs the database script runner utility to create the databases.
  12. Runs the TSQLUnit tests using osql.
  13. Runs the unit tests on all the assemblies in the target directory.
  14. Generates an error if any tests have failed.
  15. Deploys the website to the demo server.
  16. Zips up debug and release files created by the build.
  17. Copies the zip files into the archive directory.
  18. Generates code documentation from the XML comments.
  19. Changes the colour to green or red, depending on success of the build.

Now we're using Visual Studio Team System, I'm planning to add FxCop and code coverage to the build to.

After a successful build


After an unsuccessful build
20 May 2005